2011-05-27: Windows installer

Due to the annoying complexity of the dependencies needed to run the game, most of you were discouraged to play empie on Winbooze boxes. Fear no more with the new shiny all-in-one installer! Grab it here

2011-04-28: Released for Ubuntu 11.04

EMPCommand has been included in the upcoming Ubuntu release (11.04 Natty Narwhal). It can be installed with apt-get. More info here Enjoy!

2011-04-10: Binary releases available for win32 and OSX

Finally you may play EMPCommand on your beloved multitouch laptop or with a clean and properly charged Magic Mouse

2010-02-09: EMPCommand premiere during Transmediale '10

EMPCommand beta has been running on the MTC (MultiTouch Console) in c-base during Transmediale.10 event

2009-12-01: EMPCommand development has started

Gameplay demo

Windows installer

download the installer

Runs on Windows XP, Vista (no multitouch) and 7 (x86/x64, multitouch supported)

Ubuntu package

Since version 11.04, empcommand is available on the official universe repositories fully supporting multitouch interfaces thanks to Xi2.1.

  • · from ubuntu software center: search for 'empcommand' and click install button
  • · from the terminal:

    $ sudo apt-get install empcommand

OSX app

No app have officially been released yet. Please try to download the sources.


EMPCommand is released under BSD license.

If you want to mess up the code or make the game even cooler, you may check out the code with:

$ svn co

or bazaar-branch it:

$ bzr branch lp:empcommand

or, if you want the sources under ubuntu via apt:

$ apt-get source empcommand

Dependencies needed:


Design & development

OXullo Intersecans

Bugs & Comments


Thanks to:

libavg - The library EMPCommand is based on

Archimedes Solutions GmbH Berlin - SessionDesk testing

c-base - MTC testing / appChooser showcase during Transmediale 2010-2011

DrPetter and his SFXR tool

George Williams - FontForge

Inkscape authors

Special thanks to:

TechnoID aka Andrejs Buikis - For this website

Chase Douglas - For his incredible patience and his wisdom of ubuntu packaging

a multitouch game

EMPCommand is a multitouch missiles-vs-aliens game,
inspired by the ancient Missile Command®